Who are the fairies?

Who are the fairies?


The Crüxshadows Fairies are fans and friends of the band, who have donned Fairy and Angel gear to promote the band’s concert at DragonCon for the last few years.They are an amazing winged street team family, and have helped the band accomplish some incredible things over the past few years… such as packing the Centennial ballroom to capacity during the band’s shows, and helping “Sophia,” “Birthday,” “Immortal,” and most recently, “Quicksilver”, chart in the American Billboards!!


This convention is by far the greatest place for a CXS fan to be… You get to hang out with the band, and many of the fans that you might already know a bit from the internet and past DCons… all weekend! You can go see Rogue and some of the other members speak on panels, and of course, see the amazing live show! Not to mention that there are tons of other really neat things going on all weekend… DragonCon is an event not to be missed! Additionally, fairies gain access to VIP fairy-only events!


Both past and future fairies and angels can utilize this group to help each other make various arrangements, and meet fellow fairies. Anyone can join this group, but this is not a guaranteed acceptance as a Crüxshadows fairy. Everyone must get a final approval from the head fairies when Con time comes. (This means for example, if you are under the influence, wearing unacceptable clothing, etc., the band will not want to be represented by you.) Note- Fairies must already have their own arrangements for attending the Con- The band does not provide a DragonCon badge (required by DCon in order to attend the concert), hotel accommodations, etc.


Live, Love, Be, Believe in fairies!

For info on DragonCon, go here: http://www.dragoncon.org/

The official Crüxshadows DragonCon street team