We are the Crüxshadows fairies!

We are a passionate group of fans that make up the Official Crüxshadows street team. The fairies come together every year to help promote the Crüxshadows at DragonCon.

We are a family of fairies who have helped the band accomplish incredible things. We help them pack the Centennial Ballroom to capacity at their breathtaking concert and continue to keep it a mainstay of the Con. The band has reach the American Billboard Chart with “Sophia”, “Birthday”, “Immortal”, and “Quicksilver” due in part to sales during the Con! Fairies can hang out with the band and get VIP access to the Fairy-Only events.

So what are you waiting for? Join our group, come to DragonCon, and be a part of the family!

The official Crüxshadows DragonCon street team